Dec 222013
A solstice message from ancient roots

It is quite puzzling that cultures across much of the northern hemisphere have chosen the season when the earth’s tilt provides for much darkness and quiet as the time to be out and about, shopping for gifts, frequently tripping over each other in the pursuit of the last minute deal. Wouldn’t it be more intuitive, even logical, to adapt to the earth’s rhythm, shed our external leaves, tune into the winter landscapes of our mind, dig deeper

Dec 222012
So, we're still here...

Now that December 21st, 2012 has come and gone and we’re all still here, there are a few different paths we can take in processing the “event.” 1. Go about business as usual as if nothing happened. 2. Make fun of anyone who took the end of the Mayan calendar literally. 3. Acknowledge that the world (as we know it) is in fact ending, and find the deeper lessons in it.

Apr 042011
Tuber Creations relaunches

Today is the official launch of the new site!!! No matter where you stand on the state of the planet, there seems to be a consensus that things cannot go on the way they have been. We humans are creatures of habit, and some habits, like a good rhythm, are worth keeping. But there’s also a feeling in the air that something bigger and more fundamental within us has to shift, so that our daily dig deeper

Mar 302011
Ascension of John Long

I’ve been wanting to post this video by my old buddy Phil Long for a while. It documents the process of making an incredible leather mosaic tribute to his father who was murdered by pirates off the coast of Mexico while attempting to return to Ireland in a boat he had built. It’s a couple of years old but it’s an absolutely timeless example of how to turn the forces of loss and death into dig deeper

Feb 022011
I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore

by Pam Bickell Aging is one of the more awkward subjects in American society, due to our obsession with youth and external beauty. In prose that is as confessional as it is transcendent, Pam Bickell takes us to the center of her soul without ever leaving her body. It’s interesting now looking back on my life. I can clearly see what turned out to be important and what didn’t. I do wish I’d been a dig deeper

Dec 312010
2010: Marveling at things small and large

by Sven Eberlein It’s the end of the year, a time when many of us piece together the perspectives gained throughout the seasonal cycle into one continuous story. This is a collage, an attempt not only at making sense of my own journey (most photos link to posts I wrote this year) but at bridging the always beckoning dichotomy of hope and despair, heart and intellect, seeking change and being at peace with what is. dig deeper