Jun 042012
The Importance of Being Sassy

How Occupiers, pranksters, and artists speak louder than money. by Sven Eberlein, reposted from Yes! Magazine Since long before Abbie Hoffman dropped dollar bills over the New York Stock Exchange—unleashing hilarity as Wall Street traders scurried to gather up cash—humor has been a potent political weapon. It can expose the absurdities and inequities of consumer society. It doesn’t need big bucks to be effective or contagious—Occupy has shown that creativity and imagination can be powerful dig deeper

Aug 032011
Environmental Artist Blacklisted by Canadian Government. You Can Help Turn the Tables.

“Who was the idiot who approved an art show by that woman, Franke James?” Memorable words from one of Canada’s top officials on hearing that the Canadian Embassy in Croatia had offered support for Franke’s art show. From Dear Prime Minister, by Franke James Well, you’d think the government of a major western democracy would have better things to do than to sabotage and try to silence their most creative people, but, oh well, think dig deeper