The GAME | Gumbo, Arts & Music Encounter


A three-time multimedia extravaganza of epic proportion
Featuring gumbo chefs, Raku masters, storytellers, artists, bands, and other visionaries
1995-97, at The Bistro and in the streets of downtown Hayward

The GAME 1995

It all started in an old house in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Hayward Hills when a group of creative people gathered regularly to play music, draw, write and philosophize about the how’s and why’s of this universe, often all at the same time. These sessions grew into larger happenings, and in 1995 we launched the first GAME (Gumbo, Arts, and Music Encounter) in downtown Hayward.

From Fernando Hernandez’ spectacular live Raku, to Tony Idarola (RIP) and Curtis Patience’s Lousiana Gumbo, to artwork displayed by the likes of Matt Ritchie, Ayako Matsumoto and Therese Rittenbach, to a smorgasboard of music by guitarist David Duenas, Latin Fusion band Sikus, Penguin Jazz, punk band Rump Roast, and the first incarnation of the Chemystry Set, the streets were on fire!


The GAME 1996

Don’t think, my friend, for the answer is yours already
See the river flow, moving incessantly, hear the grass grow, especially now.
Watch the children play — dirty — all winners.
See yourself, yes you, being so wonderfully imperfect;
a vision for today — be who you are — do what you do,
laugh when you’re tall, cry when you fall;
cause this is our turn, and if we don’t play now, when will we learn?
What is it we do when we’re chasing for more,
while our hearts start to close and our patience gets lower?
To prepare for the worst, protect and defend,
contend you’re the best, strive and pretend;
well, you can do that, but see —
now is the time to live and to play,
cause tomorrow never knows the joy of today
it’s good at retaining, collecting the facts;
but some say, “when you get to the top — you might just collapse!”

The GAME 1997

So come to the Game, and see for yourself,
the things that can happen when words tumble and meanings fumble
so that even the Gumbo is free to do what it wants
Give me a tune straight from the heart, and firmly insist that you can’t call it art.
“It lacks in technique,” and, “moreover,” they say,
“it’s quite out of tune,” while they’re turning away.
“Well,” said our friend, “If you can’t call it art,
I shall be a non-artist and sing my songs ever so non-musically,
because,” and he blinked, “it’s just too much fun to bear!”
So whenever your role in this world comes undone, your position is slipping away, remember it’s never too late to have fun, we all have the talent to play.
And for those who just sometimes might wonder
why the roar of the cat seems so tame
you should turn to the sound of new thunder made by the friends of the GAME