Acoustic Democracy


A creative attempt to reclaim politics
Acoustic music, art & storytelling
Friday, November 3rd 2000 at Espresso Bravo, SF

Drug wars in Colombia?
Ozone hole widening?
Rents skyrocketing?

Hey there fellow human beings, we’re all in this together. Our actions and our non-actions deeply affect the way this world turns, and it is in each individual’s power to choose how to influence the delicate web of relationships that governs the well-being of this planet. Politics really is about how we interact with each other on a daily basis, about listening to one another, and giving everybody an equal chance to be heard, regardless of background or economic status.

Music and art are the life-forces of community and spiritual exchange, bridging our differences and bringing out who we really are rather than who we pretend to be. There’s an election coming up with many important choices to be made, both locally and nationally, and acoustic democracy invites you to meet your fellow citizens, get information about ballot measures and hear a lot of great music. If you’re tired of the same old shtick it’s time to come out and enter into the debate — share your fears AND your hopes!!!