1-2-3 Democracy


A Benefit for Instant Runoff Voting and the Center for Voting and Democracy
featuring Matt Gonzalez, Steven Hill & June Brashares
Wednesday, October 6th 2004 at El Rio, SF

Tired of being called a spoiler?

Want to vote for somebody who actually speaks for you — without pissing off your friends and family?

Come out and support San Francisco’s pioneering reform. Instant Runoff Voting — or 1-2-3 Democracy, as we like to call it — lets you rank your choices and thus makes 3rd party candidates both “votable” and “electable.”

Why party now? We get to use 1-2-3 Democracy for the first time here in San Francisco this November 2! So join us and sound the bells.

Let’s make 1-2-3 Democracy work here in San Francisco — and push it far and wide so that everyone in the country gets to vote for whomever they choose in November 2008. Find out more about how it works, support this progressive change, and hear some great live music. Come on down to the fabulous El Rio and party with your fellow citizens in an event for grassroots democracy. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Music by Chemystry Set, Sunfire Pleasure, Research & Development