Jun 222011
If Music Ruled the World...

Happy Solstice, everyone! The longest, most sunlight-filled day in the Northern Hemisphere feels like a good occasion to talk about visions. Visions by nature are somewhere in the distance, perhaps reachable, perhaps not. Where we stand right now is the result of past visions, some of them good, some of them bad, much of it in the eye of the beholder. Without vision, however, we stand still. This might be preferable to moving in the dig deeper

Jun 202011
Pedal Power to the Music People!

by Sven Eberlein A couple of days ago the 6th annual Bicycle Music Festival, the largest 100% bicycle-powered music festival in the world, took place in San Francisco. Starting at Old Cabin Meadow in Golden Gate Park, the event then went mobile with a Live on Bike performance ride from Golden Gate Park to Potrero Hill, with the night time portion of the event happening at the Showplace Triangle at 16th & Wisconsin. I was dig deeper

Jun 152011

Pretty awesome vid of local musicians and actual daily life in Jerusalem. If you like images of war, this is not for you. (hat tip to Brett) The creator of this video says he wandered around Jerusalem, met with musicians, and filmed them. That to me sounds like the perfect recipe to start any kind of peace process… [tubepress video=”mHglfyQOd2s”]

Jun 152011

The Fun Theory is a really cool project predicated on the idea that people are more likely to change their behavior if the reward is inspiring and uplifting. Sure, you can threaten and scare people into changing their ways but it’ll be a constant struggle and people will in fact get very creative in resisting and defying you, not even necessarily because they disagree with your message or goal but because nobody likes to be dig deeper

Apr 142011

This cool Laurie Anderson video landed in my inbox this morning. I’ve always thought questions were much more important than answers, so this makes my heart sing. It’s from a project called Dropping Knowledge that invites you to question yourself and the world around you, sparking new dialogue. I highly recommend some of the other videos of folks asking questions. Some of them you’ll know, some you won’t. [tubepress video=”HueyzKN_4Qw”]

Mar 302011
Ascension of John Long

I’ve been wanting to post this video by my old buddy Phil Long for a while. It documents the process of making an incredible leather mosaic tribute to his father who was murdered by pirates off the coast of Mexico while attempting to return to Ireland in a boat he had built. It’s a couple of years old but it’s an absolutely timeless example of how to turn the forces of loss and death into dig deeper

Mar 082011

FODfest just launched a new weekly radio show called the FODcast. Hosted by Todd Mack & Lynnette Najimy, it features live cuts from FODfest concerts and is an eclectic mix of music, ideas, and cultures. If you haven’t heard about this great project, FODfest began in 2005 as a backyard jam honoring Daniel Pearl who believed in the power of music to connect people. It has since grown into an international concert tour bringing together dig deeper

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