Dec 062011

by Sven Eberlein what there is may not be there and what may come has always been what is a rock is tomorrow’s sand your deepest wish buried in your hand the seed you sow may not become the plant envisioned but it will find its way if you water it change eats from the bowl of the past slowly emptying the reservoir of certainty with each spoonful of dwindling prospects remember you’re being nourished dig deeper

Apr 202011
USPS Releases Go Green Stamp (An Ode to the Letter)

by Sven Eberlein Last week the US Postal Service released its newest stamp series, Go Green. It’s a series of 16 stamps designed by Eli Noyes, a 68-year old farmers’ market going, veggie growing, composting San Francisco artist and designer. While the word “green” has become a bit of a cliche in recent years and suffered a lot of abuse at the hands of clever marketing slogans cashing in on our collective desire to be dig deeper

Feb 192011
Soul Cycles

by Glenna Bain We rise and fall together like the breath… An ocean stormy, then quiet its waves the inbreath, the release. And life? A circular journey, a trip around; not up, then down but rather a rotation. We return to the same place, but a couple floors up with a broader view.

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Nov 172010

by Marga Laube prometheus’ eagle this angling cunning feeds the beast to keep him quiet lest his call awake the shadows of zeus’ discontent. this frozen moment, a terror right down the middle, holds the breath in panicked understatement as the swoop of wings descends, again. this cliff, this buried place shelters the beast and his endless covet yet i will not leave these chains the spoils of my defiance i would still steal fire.

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