Sep 192011
What if God is a Mushroom? (A magical mystery fungal photo tour)

by Sven Eberlein On a recent reunion trip to Schroon Lake in Northern New York, my friends and I took a day hike along the northern end of the lake toward Pharaoh Lake. I don’t know if it was just that time of year or if the moist post-hurricane Irene setting had anything to do with it, but within just a few hundred yards from the road we found ourselves in a sea of mushrooms, dig deeper

Apr 132011
Liberated Moments

My favorite photographer just opened shop, I mean blog. It’s not just because she’s my partner in crime and creativity that I’m saying this, but if you want to see some old school black and white prints that evoke a deep sense of the spaces between, make sure to follow Debra Baida’s new photo blog, Liberated Moments. I’m hoping for some representation in the Visuals gallery soon. photo by Debra Baida

Aug 232010
Lou Dematteis: Visions of Environmental Justice

by Sven Eberlein A few weeks ago I had the great privilege of meeting Lou Dematteis, a former Reuters staff photographer who covered the wars that raged throughout Central America in the 1980s and first traveled to Ecuador’s northern Amazon region in 1993. What he found there was not a shooting war, but a war on the environment, a gut-wrenching clash between the “civilized” world’s thirst for cheap oil and indigenous people’s right to live dig deeper