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Mar 102011
No pain, no gain: On taming and tasting the nettle

by Debra Baida Changing the way we look at the world sometimes quite literally means to touch things we’ve deemed untouchable. In this delightful photo essay, Debra Baida shows how a dreaded weed unveils its magic, beauty and flavor if approached from a different angle. My literal first hand experience with nettles provided one of the most uncomfortable, if not incredibly painful, kitchen memories on record and an important lesson: never plunge your hand into dig deeper

Feb 092011
Internet Killed the Video Store

by Sven Eberlein an ode to our local video store and why I still like going there… One of the great joys of living in my Mission neighborhood in San Francisco is that I’ve gotten to know many of the local business owners over the years. A lot of them live right around the corner from me, and it’s not unusual to bump into them while getting a coffee or a burrito, or while waiting dig deeper

Feb 052011
How sitting in windows is making the planet cooler

by Sven Eberlein In his State of the Union address last night, President Obama made a call to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world. While I understand that this is a well-intentioned challenge to his fellow American citizens to get with it in a quickly changing world economy, I can’t help but wonder whether stepping on the proverbial gas (or electric) pedal and getting busier than we already are is going to dig deeper

Dec 312010
2010: Marveling at things small and large

by Sven Eberlein It’s the end of the year, a time when many of us piece together the perspectives gained throughout the seasonal cycle into one continuous story. This is a collage, an attempt not only at making sense of my own journey (most photos link to posts I wrote this year) but at bridging the always beckoning dichotomy of hope and despair, heart and intellect, seeking change and being at peace with what is. dig deeper

Nov 152010
On a warm San Franciscan night...

by Sven Eberlein The last two days have been truly gorgeous in the City by the Bay. Warm, almost balmy November nights. Not completely unusual, but after a relatively cool summer and early fall, this has been an unexpected treat. Now I know that there are a lot of problems in this world and that life can be incredibly difficult at times, but there are those moments when all the heavy burdens fall away and dig deeper

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Aug 232010
Lou Dematteis: Visions of Environmental Justice

by Sven Eberlein A few weeks ago I had the great privilege of meeting Lou Dematteis, a former Reuters staff photographer who covered the wars that raged throughout Central America in the 1980s and first traveled to Ecuador’s northern Amazon region in 1993. What he found there was not a shooting war, but a war on the environment, a gut-wrenching clash between the “civilized” world’s thirst for cheap oil and indigenous people’s right to live dig deeper