Dec 232015
The Winter Beet: Why I'm still an optimist...

Solstice Greetings! It’s been a while since my last dip into the beet spread, so with the sun going south I thought this would be an opportune time for a gentle tug on the soul vine. In many ways, the long hours of darkness are probably best suited for silence and reflection. Especially in this era of much digital dilution in our dialectic diets, the thought of cramming a few more words into the last dig deeper

Jan 152013
The Seeds They Are A-Changin'

The Matador Travel Network just published my piece about my German ancestral roots in the seed trading business and how it relates to California’s narrowly defeated Proposition 37 which would have required food products made from plants or animals with genetically modified organisms (GMO) to be labelled as such. My uncle, Wolfgang Ziegler, the last in his trade, features prominently. This is a story I’ve been wanting to tell for a while, and I’m pretty dig deeper

Oct 262012
Urban Prototyping: Magical Pieces of the Future

Living in San Francisco, I’ve come to appreciate and almost expect my fellow residents’ relentless drive for innovative use of urban spaces, to redefine what it means to live and interact with each other. Caused by an acute awareness of the role our wasteful western habits and a lack of imagination have played in creating uninspiring environments, there’s a be-the-change-you-wish-to-see-in the-world DNA in our blood that leads us to embrace alternative ways for sharing space. dig deeper

Jun 082011
How Hot Soup is Making the Planet Cooler

by Sven Eberlein For the past three months, my daily walk down the street has been seasoned by a small but quite lovely addition to the neighborhood. Whenever I’d cross the street at Valencia and 21st, a friendly, almost fairy-like voice would ring from around the corner, beckoning me with a cherubic “Hello Sir, would you like to try some soup?” While fate conspired for me to have just eaten or be on the way dig deeper

May 052011
Reconnecting with the Depth of our Senses

by Sandra Ingerman [singlepic id=79 w=320 h=240 float=right]Part of being able to project a new vision for the planet is being able to engage the depth of our senses to fuel our imagination and our creative abilities. What I find is that as people feel worn down by life we move into a place where our senses become deadened. We are also surrounded by the media which provides images for us instead of allowing new dig deeper

Apr 202011
USPS Releases Go Green Stamp (An Ode to the Letter)

by Sven Eberlein Last week the US Postal Service released its newest stamp series, Go Green. It’s a series of 16 stamps designed by Eli Noyes, a 68-year old farmers’ market going, veggie growing, composting San Francisco artist and designer. While the word “green” has become a bit of a cliche in recent years and suffered a lot of abuse at the hands of clever marketing slogans cashing in on our collective desire to be dig deeper

Mar 202011
Trusting Gaia...

by Tracie Nichols In light of last week’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Tracie offers a deeper context of Mama Earth’s readjustments. It seems that we often sleepwalk through our routines, expecting everything to stay the same, according to our human comfort and needs. But really we’re riding on a big cosmic elephant, and sometimes the elephant just stretches or scratches herself, and it’s nothing personal, just the natural flow. My youngest child, who was dig deeper

Mar 012011
Ecocities Illustrated: The Art of Richard Register

by Sven Eberlein I truly believe that art and creativity must play a vital role in inspiring the ecological changes we need to see in this world. 350’s Earth Art project goes to the very core of that, and it’s been amazing to see how powerfully this artistic approach to climate change has resonated around the world. And while it’s wonderful to see the efforts by artists and musicians to inspire politicians, policy makers and dig deeper

Feb 252011
The Universe is My Nose-strils

by Tony Brasunas In the world of distractions and double-clicks we live in it is rare to for us to get a minute to breathe. So how about ten days of doing just that? Read Tony’s account of a silent meditation retreat and watch your mind take a chill-pill. “Just observe,” said the guru’s voice. “Whatever the sensation, just observe.” I had been seated cross-legged, eyes closed, for what felt like hours and had probably dig deeper

Feb 232011

by Patty Morris In this heartfelt and well written essay, Patty Morris comes out of the astrology closet, not with a bang, but a beautifully resonating altar bell. Calling herself a practical mystic, Patty makes space for all the colors and shapes we bring to living our daily lives. It was a little over a year ago that I first came out of the closet as an astrologer. I say came out of the closet dig deeper