Patty Morris

Feb 232011

by Patty Morris

In this heartfelt and well written essay, Patty Morris comes out of the astrology closet, not with a bang, but a beautifully resonating altar bell. Calling herself a practical mystic, Patty makes space for all the colors and shapes we bring to living our daily lives.

It was a little over a year ago that I first came out of the closet as an astrologer. I say came out of the closet because that’s exactly what it felt like. I had told my friends and some (very skeptical) family members about my interest in and practice of astrology, but had theretofore never publicly outed myself. This was because the feedback I had received about my “hobby” up to that point had felt less-than supportive. I had my friends who got me. But more than one acquaintance or loved one had made a careless comment or joke about my “telling fortunes.” I’ve been asked at least 7 times if I have a “crystal ball.” And it gets old. Real old. Especially since I spent most of my young professional life on Boards of Directors and committees. I knew people. Important people. And I managed important people. And I liked being known as someone who knew and managed important people. So, being likened to head-scarved crystal-ball lookers wasn’t my favorite comparison. Though, for the record, I do like wearing head scarves. But it’s not because I tell fortunes. It’s because they look smashing with my dark hair and light eyes.

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