Mar 302011

I’ve been wanting to post this video by my old buddy Phil Long for a while. It documents the process of making an incredible leather mosaic tribute to his father who was murdered by pirates off the coast of Mexico while attempting to return to Ireland in a boat he had built. It’s a couple of years old but it’s an absolutely timeless example of how to turn the forces of loss and death into inspiration, empowerment and transformation.

[tubepress video=”r9CAUW156Oc”]

Phil is not only one of the nicest, coolest and most upbeat guys I know, but his work with leather is sheer genius. Anytime you add 100% love of and devotion to your craft to ridiculous god-given talent, you’re guaranteed to have your mind blown. But the fact that Phil can make you laugh at him and at yourself all night long just takes it a notch up into sign-me-up-for-the-ride territory. I’m planning a more in-depth profile of Phil in the not so distant future, but I was just feeling really raw and in love with life today, a perfect place to take in the Ascension of John Long.

Check out some more of Phil’s work at his site, and here a few more pictures I took of his work at the reception for his last show at Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda, CA: