General Guidelines

We love essays, artwork and music that provoke thought and shift consciousness in simple terms and imagery. No need for grandiose philosophies or the latest greatest trends — we’ve found that magic and wisdom often reside in familiar places, both within and in the world around us, whenever we look at life with a sense of awe and wonder. The more timeless your work, the better! A stroll through this site will give you an idea. Of course, we love original work, but since we don’t have the funds to pay you we’re perfectly happy to republish your work that’s been collecting just a bit too much dust or needs some extra exposure. If you don’t have any original pieces right now, turn us on to creative work that you think would be at home here. Send your submissions, tips, and ideas to evolve at


We dig fiction, non-fiction, and everything in between. First person essays, think pieces, stories, musings, reports, photo essays, reviews, interviews, poetry — if it makes us laugh, cry, or wish we were away from the computer screen, you’re right on the beet. Check out the Musings page before you send your most luscious morsel of literary delight. 1200 word maximum, unless your message on how to change this world just can’t fit in such a small space. As a courtesy to your fellow creative folks, please only submit tightly edited work — we’d rather write than edit, too.


If you’ve got mind-expanding paintings, drawings, sketches, photos, or images of 3-D work, you might be right at home on our Visuals page. That said, art happens all the time and everywhere, so the medium you’re channeling isn’t as important as the vibe it carries. It’s not that museums can’t have great art, but it’s worth keeping your eyes open once you leave the building. If you can tell a story that changes an existing perspective with a series of 12 images, you’ve hit fertile ground.

Musicians and multimediasts

Got a song that takes us to higher grounds? A video that inspires change through music? If you’re a musician or a band dedicated to making meaningful tunes and you’ve honored yourself with tight arrangements and a crisp recording, we’d love to hear it. Or if you know of a video on youtube or vimeo that would gel with our Soundbeets collection and could use the extra exposure, drop us a line.