About Tuber Creations


Tuber Creations is a portal for writers, artists and musicians to engage in conscious discourse and inspire a different, more enlightened view of the world. We enjoy creative voices and unique perspectives that tap into the more sublime reservoirs of the human soul and broaden our collective horizon. Being alive during this extraordinary moment in our human journey, we recognize that to change the unsustainable path we’re on and to realign ourselves with the natural rhythms of the earth we have to re-envision what gives our lives meaning and direction. What better way to do that than to tickle our innate creativity and stretch our unlimited imagination?

While prose, art and music are great vehicles for this shift in consciousness, creative expression often thrives outside a particular medium or genre, at random moments and in the spaces between. It’s those moments and spaces the tuber, that sprouting underground stem, calls home and this site seeks to metaphorically explore and bring to light.